About Us

Laptop Charger, a preeminent UAE based electronic commerce company eminent for selling and dealing in all kinds of laptops chargers for various brands. We have a team of 100 professionals which work for you 24*7 and try to deliver your product on time. Laptop Charger also provides door to door service in all parts of the UAE.

Why Laptop Chargers?

We at Laptop Charger believe that idea for any business lies in the lap of problems which any customer faces and one such gap which we identified was of issues related to chargers. Imagine a comfort of having all your needs getting catered at one place. We envisioned a space which can act as a one-stop solution for all your worries regarding chargers and can offer you a plethora of different brands and options.

To manage such enormous amount of variety and to make it available in minimum time was our thinking. Better procurement options and continuous in time supply of products by our suppliers and vendors made it possible. With quality workexperience, and expertise we ensured our place in the market.

We believe that quality, in time delivery and customer support leads to the epitome of satisfaction. We follow a system that ensures proper quality control and secured timely delivery to the customer which make us a perfect choice for your purchase. We also provide door to door service.

What Keeps us Motivated? 

Our team comprises of well trained and seasoned experts who make sure they handle your queries at best with diligence. What keeps them motivated is customer delight. We not only want you to buy from us but also want to initiate a relationship of trust which promises and delivers.

Laptop Charger Pillars

For any business to be robust, it requires sound pillars of principles and values. Our every employee has a firm belief on following.

1. Transparency

2. Motto of never giving up 

3. Ethical conduct

4. Customer delight

5. Reciprocity

We want to grow with our customers who know that their feedback is valuable and implemented in the best way possible.

To be successful in today’s world, one has to maintain the quality and make sure it improves consistently. You may have a lot of things to care about, but for us, it will be of paramount importance to make your devices stay charged. 


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